Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gonna rule my world again (Chapter III)


Well, one thing's for sure: this is bound to be more riveting than Chapter II. ;) Seriously though, life is good and I have a lot going on right now. One day, years from now, when I look back on these past couple years, I'll understand exactly why they unfolded as they did and how they've made me a stronger and wiser person. For now, I just couldn't be happier to feel as on fire as I do.

I've been drawing and working on designs again as well, which I can't wait to share here and elsewhere. In other words, it's back to business. And I'm here to make things happen. Or in the words of badass Brody Dalle, "I'm gonna cut the cord to the man who holds me down under him / Gonna cut the cord, set me free, rule my world again." Thank you to anyone who's still around to read this. :)


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